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Peakview Capital represents a new generation of Silicon Valley venture capital, providing investors with both access to the industry’s elite VC funds and direct access to their highest-growth technology companies. 


Peakview was founded with an insider’s view that US venture capital has changed.  The industry has reached a stage of maturity where top name VCs consistently access the best early stage companies, and have significant control over their financings.  Entrepreneurs know that having brand name VCs can increase their company value, and the top VCs have parlayed this into a control position. 


This has created the situation where much of the industry’s investment returns are concentrated among the leading 20-30 firms.  These VCs double down on their fastest-growing companies, control the financings, and keep the highest returns within their LP ecosystem.  While these VCs fairly consistently outperform, and occasionally have blowout funds, the rest of the industry is hit-or-miss, and most VCs underperform public market indices.  Further, LP demand for these firms is so high that their funds are over-subscribed and new LPs are rarely admitted. 


Peakview Capital takes advantage of this model, and creates high and stable returns for its investors through both fund investing and direct co-investment. Peakview manages a small fund of funds that is highly concentrated in the “best of the best” VCs, and offers the fund to its LPs at relatively low fees and carry. Rather than being a traditional fund manager, access to the leading VCs is courtesy of the Peakview partners’ personal relationships, and experience as long-time VCs themselves.  


Peakview then leverages these personal relationships, now formalized with LP status, to invest directly into the fastest-growing companies in the VCs’ portfolios.  Unlike a typical LP co-investment model, where LP investments can self-select into companies that “need” capital, Peakview targets the most attractive companies and leverages its VC experience and relationships to proactively invest in these portfolio winners.


Peakview’s founder and Managing Partner has nearly 20 years’ experience as a technology VC. He started his career with Mayfield Fund and has been responsible for more than 25 VC investments with funds totaling $540 million.  He started his venture career after operating experience with Texas Instruments and attaining an MBA from Stanford University. 

Erik Lassila
Managing Partner
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Erik Lassila is Managing Partner of Peakview Capital, heading US investments and operations.  Erik has been a successful venture capitalist for nearly 20 years. In his career prior to founding Peakview Capital, he invested in early and growth stage technology companies with VC firms Mayfield Fund and Clearstone Venture Partners, then lived in China for 6 years where founded the USD fund for Share Capital Partners. Erik speaks and reads Mandarin Chinese.

Prior to his venture career, Erik held operating roles with Texas Instruments and Motorola and earned a BS Electrical Engineering from Iowa State University and an MBA from Stanford University.

Frank Wang
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Frank has worked in alternative assets investing for eighteen years.  He started his investment career at Goldman Sachs Hong Kong.  His interest in technology and venture capital took him to Silicon Valley in 2000 when he joined Intel Capital and was responsible for research and due diligence on acquisitions and venture capital investments in telecommunication semiconductor sector.  In 2003, he joined Lumen Advisors, an emerging market macro hedge fund.  He worked as a senior analyst and was responsible for generating investment ideas in global equities, fixed income, currencies and commodities.  From 2006 to 2017, he worked as the head of research and portfolio management at Quantal Asset Management, a quantitative global equity hedge fund, where he led the teams of alpha generation, portfolio construction and risk management. 

Frank holds a bachelor’s degree in physics from UC Santa Barbara, MBA from USC and Masters in Financial Engineering from UC Berkeley.

Steve Simonian
Chief Financial Officer
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As Peakview Capital’s Chief Financial Officer, Steve Simonian’s responsibilities include finance and fund operations. Mr. Simonian joined Peakview in 2019 as a consultant CFO, where he provides finance and operational services for VC, PE and operating companies. Prior to his consulting practice, he served as Chief Financial Officer at August Capital. Mr. Simonian previously served as Chief Financial Officer at Gabriel Venture Partners and MeriTech Capital Partners.

Mr. Simonian received a BA in Business Economics from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Stacy Xu
Operations Manager
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Stacy Xu is the Operations Manager, based in Peakview Capital’s Silicon Valley office, supporting the firm’s investment practices.

Prior to Peakview Capital, Stacy held various positions with law offices and startup companies. Stacy earned her MBA from California State University, East Bay.

Chenxu Zhang
Senior Associate
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Chenxu is a Senior Associate based in Peakview Capital’s Palo Alto and Beijing office, focusing on investments in the tech sectors. Prior to Peakview Capital, Chenxu interned at Hopu Investment Management Co. Ltd.

Chenxu received his Bachelor’s degree in Automotive Engineering and Master’s degree in Engineering and Management from Politecnico di Torino in Italy. Chenxu speaks fluent Italian and some Spanish.